Thank you for visiting my website. If you haven’t read any of my stories, I am told they are a good read. The Elevator is a mystery thriller of sorts, while The Coven of the Unholy is a dark story of a dark and uncertain future. Dad’s Christmas Stories is an anthology of short stories written to read to my family at Christmas. A Nightingale Sang, is a wartime romance story set in 1944 England.

In Moonlight’s Shadow, is my latest book. In the same vein as A Nightingale Sang, it is the story of a young Canadian pilot in the RAF in 1941 England. It tells of war in the air as well as behind enemy lines. Again it is written against the wartime background of actual events. It deals with things so secret that to disclose any part, even to a near relative, could mean a long prison sentence, or worse.

The reviews on this book to date have all been positive.

I have been writing since the early eighties. I have written a number of short stories as well as four novels. I am married to Pamela, and we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in 2009. We have three grown-up children.

The following pages give excerpts into my books, click on the tabs and enjoy.

My books can be purchased online through Amazon, or can be found at Renaissance Bookstore in New Westminster BC. and Reflections Book Store in Coquitlam, BC.

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Book Signing at Renaissance Bookstore.

In the works

My next book to be release in 2017.