New book in the works. Satan’s Disciple, a prequel to The Coven of the Unholy.

As of June 2020, the first draft is almost complete. Eventually, I will send the manuscript to Sri Lanka, but due to the present problems worldwide with Covid19, it will have to wait. I expect to see this book in print by the end of this year. See News page of this website.

Sometimes Goodbye

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New Book coming November 2019

The dark clouds of war are on the horizon. Realizing that he will soon be called to the military, Albert Wharley desperately wants to be a pilot, but will his working-class background hold him back?

The love of his life, a young lady from a wealthy family, lets him down and marries an older man. In spite of this, she haunts his dreams and is never far from his thoughts.

After Albert leaves home, his widowed mother becomes engaged to a local businessman. Albert mistrusts this man and advises against it. Can Albert be wrong, or is this marriage doomed to failure?

Shouldering all these problems, Albert goes off to war in Bomber Command, with its brutal casualty rate. How will he cope?


The Author

Thank you for visiting my website. If you haven’t read any of my stories, I am told by many people that they are a good read. Should you wish to purchase any of these books from the author, there is a button at the side.

The Elevator is a mystery thriller that takes place in the 1970s, but has its roots in 1930s, Germany. This book has been published in the Czech Republic and has also been translated into French for publication in France.

The Coven of the Unholy is a dark story of a dark and uncertain future.  It deals with Satanism and a growing worldwide movement that becomes the New Aristocracy. It tells the story of two people who are inadvertently caught up in this evil and fear for their lives. Part of this book has been published in Sri Lanka and the book is presently being translated into Singhalese.

Dad’s Christmas Stories is an anthology of short stories written to read to my family at Christmas. This became a family tradition and there are eighteen stories collected in this book.

A Nightingale Sang is a wartime romance story set in 1944 England. Set against actual events of the time, it tells the story of a Canadian fighter pilot, his wartime experiences and his love for Dianne, the daughter of the local doctor.

In Moonlight’s Shadow, is in the same vein as A Nightingale Sang. It is the story of a young Canadian pilot in the RAF in 1941 England. It tells of the war in the air as well as behind enemy lines. Again it is written against the wartime background of actual events. It deals with things so secret that to disclose any part, even to a near relative, could mean a long prison sentence, or worse.

Jerry Brent’s War: At nineteen, Jerry Brent leaves public school to join the Royal Air Force, where he trains as a pilot. It is 1941 and he is assigned to a squadron flying Bristol Blenheims. The seige of Malta is underway and he is among those sent to attack Axis ships supplying Rommel’s campaign in North Africa. The losses among the aircrews are staggering. Brent’s only anchor to sanity is his girlfriend back home. So many have died, and he is still alive. After a while, he firmly believes that he is being protected by some unseen divine hand. Is he being saved for some future purpose, or is it all in his imagination?

I have been writing since the early eighties. I have written a number of short stories as well as six novels. I am married to Pamela, and we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in 2009. We have three grown-up children.

The following pages give excerpts into my books, click on the tabs and enjoy.

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